Past Lives Exist

It was a dark and stormy night….

I decided to go with that title to the introduction of my blog instead of WELCOME. This is just a place for me to write about my past life recall. I have a few that I do remember. There are many people that don’t believe in reincarnation. They would like to because it would be wonderful if it did exist, but they aren’t for sure. I say to that?

It does exist. No one can tell me otherwise.

A little about me? I’ve been labeled weird and odd my entire life. I wouldn’t say I ever fit in anywhere. I was told when I was younger “You’re such a pretty girl, why do you want to believe in such strange things??”  It’s not that I thought about those things all the time, it’s that I experienced them. I felt like a crazy person for years until I was old enough to do the research about the very things that made me “weird”.

It started when I was around 4 years old. My mother noticed that I was talking strange in my sleep. Not mumbling, but it didn’t sound like English. She brought my grandfather over one evening. He was a Rev. (Pastor) He listened, and he told my mother he didn’t know what language it was. The closest thing he could figure was Hebrew.

It became more regular, and enough where she decided to take me to someone that may know what was going on. I went to a sleep study. Not a regular sleep study mind you, but one of children that may have gifts – gifts being psychic gifts etc.  During the study I did in fact start to talk while sleeping. To make a long story short the “staff” or “team” at the study didn’t have any clue what precise language I was speaking in. They did find that some of the words were ancient Egyptian. They told my mother they believed it was ancient Egyptian but even in present day no one was sure of what ancient Egyptian sounded like. There were no records.  I was not informed of what language I had been speaking in until many years later. However by the time I was 5 I stared writing in hieroglyphics.

It certainly will explain why I have a fascination with Egypt, but I’ll post about my recall around the time of Jack the Ripper, etc etc.

So you’ll either find this very interesting or blow me off as another one of “those” people that believe in that shit.    It doesn’t matter what you might think. I know deep inside myself it exists, I know reincarnation exists. I’ve been here many times. The phoenix is one of the greatest mythical creatures of all time.


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