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A person with whom you have an immediate connection the moment you meet — a connection so strong that you are drawn to them in a way you have never experienced before. As this connection develops over time, you experience a love so deep, strong and complex, that you begin to doubt that you have ever truly loved anyone prior.

A person with whom one has a strong affinity, shared values and tastes, and often a romantic bond.







Do you believe in soul mates? Some do, some say they do only to find out later they don’t believe in them at all. I Believe in soul mates, and twin flames/souls. I absolutely,without a doubt, sure as can be, for sure, no ifs and’s or buts,come hell or high water do believe in them both. However there is a difference between a soul mate and twin souls / twin flames. Twin souls are defined as: the other half of our selves. Incarnating over and over to gather human experience before coming back together. Each soul is a whole soul, not a half soul. Each soul incarnates and learns more and more through each lifetime before coming together again. Some say that other relationships are “practice” for the twin. Twin flame reunions are very intense and most people miss them due to being distracted. Many people think they find their twin soul or soul mate and realize years later that even though they thought they found them, even though they shared many things in common, there was just something missing that they could not put a finger on.

Soul mates are those that are very much like us in frequency and make up. They help us grow and overcome karma, you’ve shared many experiences in different lifetimes. Could have been parent-child, or siblings, or romantic. There is a bond spiritually between soul mates, and it’s much different that most of the other people in our lives. Conversations are deep and most soul mates have a love of some of the same things.

Regular everyday people have a very hard time finding their soul mate or twin flame, and in my opinion it’s even more difficult for those that are well known.  Celebrities tend to date in their circle – most of the time not all, and due to feeling  as if those may be the only partners that will understand them, they miss finding something deeper, a love that is very very deep. Love that has lasted lifetimes.



Have you ever had resonance with someone. It might be someone you’ve never met in person. You just have a connection for some reason?  I’m not talking about relating to someone due to having things in common. You can find that kind of relation with a celebrity-(you know most fans saying “OMG I can so relate to that, we have sooooo much in common!”)  NOT what I am talking about.


Richness or significance, especially in evoking an association or strong emotion, state of mutual understanding. Feeling a deep kinship.

When this happens, at least when it’s happened to me, I’m fully aware that I’ve known this person before. Past life, or if not, perhaps there is a reason that the resonance is there in this life. Just another way of discovering past lives.  When I resonate with a person I’ll try to find out what things interest them, and things they have a deep love of. I can then take a look at my own past life recall and sometimes I’ll just  *know* I’ve met them before in another life.

There are a few people  I have never met and I feel this way about.  Some of them I’ve crossed paths with again. That draw can be strong enough to bring on very strong emotions. Especially when you know you may not cross paths this life.  If it makes me upset or sad, all I can possibly think is “there was something left unsaid or undone.”  Who knows.   If it’s meant then it will happen, if not????

Maybe next life.


When someone said count your blessings now
‘fore they’re long gone
I guess I just didn’t know how
I was all wrong
They knew better
Still you said forever

I’ll keep you locked in my head
Until we meet again
And I won’t forget you my friend
What happened

Until we meet again
And time makes
It harder
I wish I could remember
But I keep
Your memory
You visit me in my sleep

~ Pink~  Who Knew

Discovering Past Lives

I believe anyone can “access” or find out about their past lives.  Many people keep a journal and write down their recall. Mine just turn into stories that I want to write about.  A couple of things that may be helpful in recall is to look at the life you have now and start asking yourself questions. What personality traits do you have now that are strong traits? Do you have a tendency towards a bad

temper? What are you enthusiastic about? Do you collect certain items?   Write it all down. Then start the process of examining things you have a deep interest in. Not the things that you really love because your parents or cousins or siblings liked and once you experienced those things (chess, reading Poe, or dancing etc etc) you loved them. Things that you love that don’t lead back to something you’ve been exposed to by another individual.   Have you always had a desire to visit Scotland, but you’ve never been?  Are you attracted to Model-T cars without any explanation why?   Delve into those things and dig deeper. Then ask yourself, could this be something that has traveled with you from another life? An interest or something that made up a prior life that has stayed with your soul?

Could be.


Just another thing I’ve felt drawn towards. Not as much as other areas, but they have intrigued me. There is something on a very deep and personal level that pushes me or presses down upon me – yeah that kind of feeling.  Any time I have tried to give it more though, meditate on it I always end up deeply depressed and I feel like crying.

Maybe there is something there, and your ass can bet I’m too frightened to find out what it is.

Does anyone believe this sh*t??

Right then

Most of the people that believe what I’ve said are few. My two close friends here in my home city and a few friends that I have in the Hollywood circle.  That’s it.   I know there have to be more but I’ve never went in search of like minded individuals.  Maybe I need a tattoo that says “I’m not quite all there myself”   ha

So for anyone that can’t find others, of course the best thing I can tell you is GOOGLE.  I could have done that but decided against it. Be careful of course, but try to find a forum or website or something. There are other people, I promise.

Now if I could just talk to the one person that I believe has had a past life I think I’d be at peace the rest of my life. Again doesn’t see like it will happen unless fate jumps in.   However I wish the rest of you much luck.






Gotta say , I hands down believe in this too.  I think that everything we choose means something. A hat, clothes, home decorations etc  When my father was killed in 2005 I was devastated. For months I walked around like a zombie.  Finally I walked into a tattoo parlor. My father had tattoos- he told me to never do it.  I did it.   I placed a small heart that was broken – band aid holding it together behind my heart on my back(left side of my spine)   It represents my father and what it did to me.  Would he be pleased? Probably not – but I’d like to think that wherever he may be he understands why I did it.   I don’t have tattoos all over my body, but I am currently getting another one soon. A bird that has flown free of a cage.  THAT is symbolic of me.


So I believe that tattoos, and jewelry and books things that we have are chosen for a reason regardless of if you consciously do it or not.

I’m a big believer in numbers and their meanings too. NOW don’t get me wrong I don’t sit and do fortunes and frequent the “dark book store”  well i might but we don’t have a bookstore like that hear LOL    My favorite numbers have always been 3, 7, 12    Not sure why, but I do know the meanings of those numbers.  My home looks like any other home – but I do place things of value to me in my home. It might not be a 200,000 dollar painting but I do have a love of paintings from various artists.

Symbolism is all around us.  I prefer to leave some of mine a mystery.

How do people have past lives?

That was a question that I asked myself for years. I was raised with a grandfather that was a preacher and well…. reincarnation didn’t exist. He didn’t believe in it, and the rest of my family didn’t either. When I was a little girl I thought you lived, you died, and you went to heaven. As I got older I realized that can’t be the truth.  Many people of the Christian faith would debate with me, but I see it simply. If God calls you home at a given point, why couldn’t he then send you back to fulfill another purpose? Perhaps your soul has what he needs to make a difference down “here”

I don’t follow one particular faith. I’m not atheist but I find a little truth in all religions. Religion can be dangerous. Judgemental and very scary.  I tend to keep my beliefs to myself. I have a very open mind and yes I’m very liberal. I don’t believe people should be shot down and judged for the way they are born, or any choices they make in life that deals with their own selves. That being said back to the point…

Einstein said that energy keeps moving. It never ceases and we as human are electrically charge, we are energy. After death I do believe we go on, and I believe that we can be born again. Many times, once again, whichever. Who is to say how many times a soul will walk the earth.  I’ve seen dead people – ghosts, spirits that have passed on and I’ve been visited by them. I don’t care how crazy that makes me sound, it’s happened.  I use to see recalling my past lives as a punishment. I’ve come to see it as being blessed. To have the amount of recall that I do is priceless to me. It’s helped me to understand more about myself and other people.

Victorian London

When I was 16 I had my first encounter with a dream that disturbed me. It was occurring over and over again. It went on for months.  I later learned I was having another past life recall.I don’t want to go into the whole story – the whole recall that I have, but to make it as short as I can. I was alive in and around 1888

I remember sights, sounds, smells and I remember people I was around. I can name dates, names, and places and I have after the fact(dreaming)  researched to find that it was indeed true. It was shocking but at the same time it confirmed to me that I wasn’t crazy.

I distinctly remember the time period and what was going on. It dealt with Jack the Ripper.  No I was not murdered – and no I was not Jack the Ripper. Hardly. I did however see him. Outside of my apartment/flat   I also know that he went to France after the murders took place. It’s a lot to write and in my heart I don’t think I could place all of it here.  I dare say there is a gentleman out there now – in California – present day – who knows he had a life during this time. He has collected things on Jack the Ripper and has a deep interest in him.  Drawn to anything Jack the Ripper as a matter of fact.   Sadly I’ll never get to say hello to this man due to his career but I know in my heart that he was there. I know who he was.

Reincarnation…………. it exists.

Even Collins used i-ching to transport back in time.