Past Lives Exist

Victorian London

When I was 16 I had my first encounter with a dream that disturbed me. It was occurring over and over again. It went on for months.  I later learned I was having another past life recall.I don’t want to go into the whole story – the whole recall that I have, but to make it as short as I can. I was alive in and around 1888

I remember sights, sounds, smells and I remember people I was around. I can name dates, names, and places and I have after the fact(dreaming)  researched to find that it was indeed true. It was shocking but at the same time it confirmed to me that I wasn’t crazy.

I distinctly remember the time period and what was going on. It dealt with Jack the Ripper.  No I was not murdered – and no I was not Jack the Ripper. Hardly. I did however see him. Outside of my apartment/flat   I also know that he went to France after the murders took place. It’s a lot to write and in my heart I don’t think I could place all of it here.  I dare say there is a gentleman out there now – in California – present day – who knows he had a life during this time. He has collected things on Jack the Ripper and has a deep interest in him.  Drawn to anything Jack the Ripper as a matter of fact.   Sadly I’ll never get to say hello to this man due to his career but I know in my heart that he was there. I know who he was.

Reincarnation…………. it exists.

Even Collins used i-ching to transport back in time.


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