Past Lives Exist

Does anyone believe this sh*t??

Right then

Most of the people that believe what I’ve said are few. My two close friends here in my home city and a few friends that I have in the Hollywood circle.  That’s it.   I know there have to be more but I’ve never went in search of like minded individuals.  Maybe I need a tattoo that says “I’m not quite all there myself”   ha

So for anyone that can’t find others, of course the best thing I can tell you is GOOGLE.  I could have done that but decided against it. Be careful of course, but try to find a forum or website or something. There are other people, I promise.

Now if I could just talk to the one person that I believe has had a past life I think I’d be at peace the rest of my life. Again doesn’t see like it will happen unless fate jumps in.   However I wish the rest of you much luck.




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