Past Lives Exist




Gotta say , I hands down believe in this too.  I think that everything we choose means something. A hat, clothes, home decorations etc  When my father was killed in 2005 I was devastated. For months I walked around like a zombie.  Finally I walked into a tattoo parlor. My father had tattoos- he told me to never do it.  I did it.   I placed a small heart that was broken – band aid holding it together behind my heart on my back(left side of my spine)   It represents my father and what it did to me.  Would he be pleased? Probably not – but I’d like to think that wherever he may be he understands why I did it.   I don’t have tattoos all over my body, but I am currently getting another one soon. A bird that has flown free of a cage.  THAT is symbolic of me.


So I believe that tattoos, and jewelry and books things that we have are chosen for a reason regardless of if you consciously do it or not.

I’m a big believer in numbers and their meanings too. NOW don’t get me wrong I don’t sit and do fortunes and frequent the “dark book store”  well i might but we don’t have a bookstore like that hear LOL    My favorite numbers have always been 3, 7, 12    Not sure why, but I do know the meanings of those numbers.  My home looks like any other home – but I do place things of value to me in my home. It might not be a 200,000 dollar painting but I do have a love of paintings from various artists.

Symbolism is all around us.  I prefer to leave some of mine a mystery.


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