Past Lives Exist

Discovering Past Lives

I believe anyone can “access” or find out about their past lives.  Many people keep a journal and write down their recall. Mine just turn into stories that I want to write about.  A couple of things that may be helpful in recall is to look at the life you have now and start asking yourself questions. What personality traits do you have now that are strong traits? Do you have a tendency towards a bad

temper? What are you enthusiastic about? Do you collect certain items?   Write it all down. Then start the process of examining things you have a deep interest in. Not the things that you really love because your parents or cousins or siblings liked and once you experienced those things (chess, reading Poe, or dancing etc etc) you loved them. Things that you love that don’t lead back to something you’ve been exposed to by another individual.   Have you always had a desire to visit Scotland, but you’ve never been?  Are you attracted to Model-T cars without any explanation why?   Delve into those things and dig deeper. Then ask yourself, could this be something that has traveled with you from another life? An interest or something that made up a prior life that has stayed with your soul?

Could be.


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