Past Lives Exist

Past life? I’ve had one?


I think there are clues that are there to let a person know they have had a past life. Deja Vu is a clue, but I recommend looking at your dreams, fears, and things like that. My dreams are the very things that clued me in when I was very young.  I’m not talking about dreams you have after watching a movie about the loch ness monster and then you have a dream your visiting there. Dreams that pop up out of no where and there is certainly something about them that clues you in to things. Maybe it’s a dream about being in a home and everyone speaks Russian, or you are running toward a merchant ship and can see that everyone is dressed in clothes from the 1700s.  Things like that.  Our dreams tell us all kinds of things about ourselves and things around us.


What fears do you have? Where did they come from? Did it happen when you were bit by a dog at age 7 and now you are afraid of canines, or is this a fear with no base, no foundation to it.   When I was a little girl I was terrified of water until I taught myself at the age of 9 to swim. It was very frustrating for my mother who had to wash my hair when I was very little.  I later found out why I was so fearful.  Yep, you guessed it. Past life.

Keep at it and be aware of those things. They are clues to help you along.


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