Past Lives Exist

Training yourself to dream about past lives II

Once you can remember your dreams, the best thing to do is to spend some time relaxing before you go to sleep. Lay there and think about the things you want the dream to show you. For example: “What talents did I have in my past life?” or “Where was I at in my past life?”  Think about all the answers you may get to your particular question. Make sure you keep it simple and ask only one thing.  Think on this question as you drift off to sleep.

During the night or the next morning when you awake, write down what you dreamed about. No matter how little. Usually the dream is pretty straightforward, but occasionally it can be symbolic in nature.  One dream might show you a hospital, and another dream might be symbolic of your past life and show you the nine of diamonds playing card.

You might also have a dream that doesn’t have anything visual at all, but only auditory to it. Write it all down.



Think on a question and it’s possible answers

Think on it as you drift off

Write down what you dreamed.


keep doing this – it could happen the first night, or it might take a bit to occur.  It will happen.


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