Past Lives Exist

Don’t let them get to you

What is the point of this post?  I can’t tell you why people kick you when you’re down. I can tell you that I’ve let things like this bother me in the past. The point of this post is to let you know that when you let what other people think about you – affect you. When you let them get inside, after awhile you start to believe what it told to you. What they told  you about yourself. Don’t do that. Don’t let them take away how you feel about yourself. Don’t give them that power.  Just understand they aren’t perfect and unfortunately they don’t know you at all.

Today I left and went to go see if an old friend of mine was at home. I had not seen her in over 15 years in person. Only spoke briefly to her online. Her name is Karena. Her father and brother were there. Along with his wife and two kids. His wife is also an old friend of Karena’s. His wife’s name is Chandra. I was never friends with Chandra.

This was an epic fail. Not only was my friend not there, but Chandra piped up and told me something that just put the icing on my cake for the day.  After 21 years of having what I thought was a friend (karena) I was told that Karena didn’t like me.  Well… I didn’t think much about it. Last time we spent time together we were just kids. Not every one stays friends, most grow apart.  Then she floored me. I said “Chandra, why is that, I haven’t seen her in over a decade.”   Chandra said “She never really liked you, you were not only prettier, but you were just plain weird.”  I asked her what she meant by weird, and she said “Karena always thought you were weird because you liked vampires, and  had friends that well known.  She just didn’t like you, you were just weird.”   I turned to Karena’s father and said “ I heard that you weren’t doing well a while back, are you doing better now?”  He said “Yes, I am doing a lot better.”  I told him I wouldn’t keep them, I’d be going. I was glad to hear he was doing better. With that I turned and started for the door. Her father said “I’ll let her know you stopped by”  I just smiled at him and then went out the door.  Drove back home.

Ah the Midwest. Gotta love it. No where else  that I’ve been is the same way. I happen to like things that most people on the coasts and other states do. I don’t think twilight or vampire movies would be the rage if that weren’t true. I never did anything out of the ordinary as a child or growing up – I was always too worried about what people would think of me. I suppose be careful didn’t help anyway.

Be yourself. No one can tell you  you’re doing it wrong.


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