Past Lives Exist

Recall II

I woke from a dream a few months ago and it’s stayed with me. I was sitting in a dark hallway, I could see a little down the hall and around the corner where there was light. At that time a man walked around the corner into the hall. I was sitting in a chair. He leaned down and placed his hand on the chair and was two inches from my face. He said in a very eery voice. ” There was no soul split”  He was referring to Jack The Ripper. That’s all I got out of the dream.  I have made a note to check out more on soul splits.


I also had a dream that this same man pushed open the doors to a speak easy or some kind of establishment that was similar. Everyone was dressed as in gangster attire.    More to research.

Hmmmm  I hope that doesn’t mean to buy a flapper dress. It’s not going to happen. Fringe tickles too much.  LOL


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