Past Lives Exist

What is sexy?

What is Sexy?

Many Things to many people I suppose. Is it really a pin up, or a model walking down the run way? Is it really a bombshell? Those things are fleeting to me. Could it be the next hunk to grace the screen? Again, fleeting. Superficial to me.

I think an old pair of boots, or maybe that one old t shirt.  Those appeal to me. A smile. …………….. or deeper still, the soul. The soul is something that to me is sacred, sexy, mysterious, and absolutely beautiful.  Beauty is so much more than surface beauty. I’ve known many people that fell for beauty only to find they were miserable. Almost deceived by beauty.  What draws you to someones soul? That instant connection.

What is in a person’s countenance? What can you see? Can you see beyond the eyes and deep down inside the soul? Can you see them from lifetimes ago?

That glance, and then the words that follow, “I know you”


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