Past Lives Exist

Fuck it’s hot

I’m disgusted. The weather is disgusting. it’s 110 degrees outside and we’re sitting under a heat dome for the second summer. I walked outside and to my surprise there’s a breeze. Turned my face to catch some of the breeze and it’s hot, so hot it felt like someone just let a hot fart into my face. Thank god there wasn’t odor attached. Disgusting.

I wonder how I coped in a past life in Egypt. I started thinking of the weird language I spoke in as a child and the recall I had from that life. I completely understand why they built walls so thick. Keep out the heat. Thankfully desert climates tend to cool way down in the evenings. Something I can’t say happens here at all. Our low at night is in the 80s. Relief? Yes. Comfortable? No
This sucks and I’m debating on smoking my cig on my front porch naked. Just remember that in case it makes the news. “Woman has enough of the heat wave and is arrested for indecent exposure”


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