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Taking a moment


My blog is mainly about reincarnation and other interesting things, but I have to take a moment and throw this out there. Who knows maybe it will help someone else  who is going through the same thing –

It’s no secret ( because you can click at the top of this blog “who the hell is writing this”) and find some of the same information, but for those that haven’t done that –   I had a person shun me today after finding out that my father had spent time in prison. He was killed in 2005 – yet when they found out, they passed judgment and bam – I suppose they made the decision they wouldn’t be friends. I’d just like to say for the record that apparently they weren’t a friend to begin with.

For others just an FYI – my father spent time in prison for being a modern day outlaw. He was a cattle rustler.  Strange as it might sound, that’s what he did. As matter of fact before he became so damn good at that LOL, the first time he was thrown in prison was for stealing 50 bucks worth or items from a grocery store. Diapers, and milk for his infant son.   Sent his ass to San Quentin. Harsh.


Anyway – I don’t judge people. It just so happens I’m in the south and I’m trapped in HELL – Sorry this was a small rant post.

That is all.  Good Day.