Past Lives Exist

Same dream over and over

Same dream over and over since I was a little girl, and I can’t place what lifetime.  Infuriating sometimes.  I’m beginning to think it’s two memories from two past lives in one dream.

One I’m waiting on a dock. Sky is a bit overcast, then I get into a carriage and go home.

Next part of the dream I am waiting on a street – old cars going by and I’m almost about to cry. Then I’m in a jail cell and some asshole (that works there) slaps a newspaper up on the bars. I start to cry. I mean cry. I feel like my guts are wrenching. The dream ends.
I’m trying to do my best and work through this dream. I have for years but nothing is coming. I’m sure that due to so much emotion in the dream there is  block somewhere. Maybe a safety mechanism so I won’t feel more hurt. Not sure.  : le sigh:


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