Past Lives Exist


Have you ever noticed that the reincarnation stories at certain websites are full of cleopatras, nefertiti’s, and any other really famous person in history? It’s such a let down when you are researching and trying to find those people that remember and recall a past life and you’re desperately wanting them to say ” I was a nobody, I can’t find a lick of evidence to support what I’m saying but I do remember working at ________.”    I can’t find many people who don’t want to be someone famous and I don’t understand that. I have recall of being around a native american man, and unfortunately at the time I was a white woman.  During those times WOW not such a great thing,but I have nothing to back it up. Just “memories”   If anyone knows of a place online that has legitimate entries let me know.


I’m going back to reading OmmSety by Dorthy Eady

PS – There are some things in life that look meant to be, our feelings over take us. In reality it’s not something lasting, just something to take us from one place in our journey to the next. To the next better thing. Deeper, more curious. Love that surpasses anything we’ve experienced thus far.



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  1. Lauren and also has about 22 legit reader entered accounts 🙂

    January 9, 2013 at 6:54 pm

  2. Roger K

    Hi, I just saw your blog when I googled “reincarnation happens”. You should consider joining Carol Bowman’s Past Life Forum, where a lot of ordinary people from all over the world discuss their and/or their childrens memories of past lives. The vast majority has memories as ordinary people. “Fancier” memories may be more common in newspapers and books, since they sell better to the public who might find it a bit dull to read about the ordinary lifes of all the poor people of ancient times.

    I am on the other hand fascinated with the topic of reincarnation itself (and history) and love to read all the memories of ordinary lifes in the past people may have.

    Carol Bowman has written a couple of fascinating books about childrens memories, “Children’s Past Lives” and “Return From Heaven”, there has also been some more serious research done – you can read about Helen Wambach’s mass regressions back in the 70’s here:
    and Ian Stevenson’s 40 years of research in childrens memories all over the world here:

    Best regards, Roger in Sweden

    January 10, 2013 at 6:12 am

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