Past Lives Exist

Early Morning- Soul Desire

It’s now 6 am.  That means that the west coast is at 4 am and the east coast at 7 am right now. I often think of things like that. People are bustling around on the east coast and still sleeping in LA. Well, some are anyway.

Regardless. I’m laying on my bed looking at my painting of “My Sweet Rose” by Waterhouse.  Not my favorite art but I had to purchase it for some reason. Maybe its the simplicity or the stillness.  It’s peaceful.  Maybe it makes me feel in tune with nature. Who knows.  On the other wall a photo of a man at a piano. Smoke coming out his nostrils and mouth. Relaxed, and the old white tank top the man is wearing is the comfort that I’d like to find in everyday life. Worn in, broken in. Comfortable.   I’d like to find that person called  a soul mate. Someone I’ve known before in other lifetimes.  Why does it seem that there is always some kind of obstacle or wedge or circumstance that keeps people apart. I have to relinquish my hopes sometimes. I have to drop my head and let the tears spill onto my legs. I could be given the chance to walk right up but I’d never do that. I suppose I believe too much in fate. If it’s mean to be it will be, if not, then I suppose another lifetime then.

I’ve always loved the movie “Somewhere in Time” It’s been my favorite since I saw it when I was very little.  I cried the first time I saw it and I still cry when I watch it.  The only thing worth much in this world is love.  Love is what matters. A person can hide behind anything. A mask, liquor, drugs, wealth, fame, or walls  and over everything, above everything one thing remains. Love. Love endures forever. Through lifetimes, and years, and eternity. …..The Taj Mahal is still standing.


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