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Death is Certain


1. There is no possible way to escape death. No-one ever has, not even Jesus, Buddha, etc. Of the current world population of over 5 billion people, almost none will be alive in 100 years time.

2. Life has a definite, inflexible limit and each moment brings us closer to the finality of this life. We are dying from the moment we are born.

3. Death comes in a moment and its time is unexpected. All that separates us from the next life is one breath.



NO matter what you believe. Whether it is reincarnation or simply going to a better place – the above is true. Death is Certain. Life is not. LIVE while you have the chance. Really LIVE.



Early Morning- Soul Desire

It’s now 6 am.  That means that the west coast is at 4 am and the east coast at 7 am right now. I often think of things like that. People are bustling around on the east coast and still sleeping in LA. Well, some are anyway.

Regardless. I’m laying on my bed looking at my painting of “My Sweet Rose” by Waterhouse.  Not my favorite art but I had to purchase it for some reason. Maybe its the simplicity or the stillness.  It’s peaceful.  Maybe it makes me feel in tune with nature. Who knows.  On the other wall a photo of a man at a piano. Smoke coming out his nostrils and mouth. Relaxed, and the old white tank top the man is wearing is the comfort that I’d like to find in everyday life. Worn in, broken in. Comfortable.   I’d like to find that person called  a soul mate. Someone I’ve known before in other lifetimes.  Why does it seem that there is always some kind of obstacle or wedge or circumstance that keeps people apart. I have to relinquish my hopes sometimes. I have to drop my head and let the tears spill onto my legs. I could be given the chance to walk right up but I’d never do that. I suppose I believe too much in fate. If it’s mean to be it will be, if not, then I suppose another lifetime then.

I’ve always loved the movie “Somewhere in Time” It’s been my favorite since I saw it when I was very little.  I cried the first time I saw it and I still cry when I watch it.  The only thing worth much in this world is love.  Love is what matters. A person can hide behind anything. A mask, liquor, drugs, wealth, fame, or walls  and over everything, above everything one thing remains. Love. Love endures forever. Through lifetimes, and years, and eternity. …..The Taj Mahal is still standing.


I’ve received some comments here and a few emails and I felt it was important to take a post again and address those.  I’ve had quite a few readers email me- sharing their stories and how they felt alone, wondering what was going on. Somehow knowing deep inside that it wasn’t just a dream, or it wasn’t something evil. They just “knew”

I do understand what it feels like to know what’s going on but unless you get a book written by an open intelligent mind – your stuck. Sadly 90% of the churches and religions aren’t going to be much of a help. They automatically think you need to be delivered from demonic influence. ( I’m not saying that doesn’t exist, it does,.. but not generally in past life recall. Legit recall)  The smaller the town, the more INLAND you go – it always seems the smaller the minds.  I had to live, and reach out the biggest part of my childhood through books. It took me out of the slow – boring mid-west.  Mind you at that time there weren’t books on recall. It was all the classics, and books that to this day most people don’t have a clue what I’m talking about unless they too are book enthusiasts.

So here is a shout out to Roger in Sweden for letting me know about a forum I could visit. Also another shout out to a woman in SC who is trying to reach out, and delve into the dark pool.  For anyone that wants to contact me please visit the who is writing this at the top of this blog. My email is listed.   I am more than happy to talk with anyone.   I realize this is a very small little blog – I do not have hundreds of followers, but It is my hope that those that are meant to find it will.  I believe that.

Just Believe. Don’t ever care or give a shit what other people say about you or tell you. This is your journey. LIVE.


Paris, reincarnation, beauty, love



Just a post to say once again it’s not what it seems. No matter how much you want it to be.


Stop making a sad mess.

Just stop and take a moment

Don’t rush

It’s not the one you think it is

Stop, breathe, stand still

What you’re searching for is getting ready to happen. Stop concentrating on the signs you think are there, and realize and think about all the signs that say it’s not the one.

Writing a book, your thoughts?

I’m debating on writing a book. My own past life recall, and including how others can tune into their own recall.  Great news is that I will be accountable for better grammar than on this blog . LOL.   It would be nice to give back to others and instead of your ever popular “past lives, do I have one book”. I could reach out to those that have struggled with this issue a for a while.  Curious no?  For nothing more than hearing some girl talk about  reincarnation. You can’t say it wouldn’t be interesting, or run of the mill

Thomas James??

I just woke up from a dream. This name was not only written on a piece of paper in my dream, but the name was said into my ear in my dream too.  If anyone has insight write to me.

November 20, 2012

It’s funny at midnight – the things you can see.  The corner street lamp puts out a glow and those same golden leaves can be seen. Every few minutes …falling to the ground. Effortlessly they fall.  In the distance a dog can be heard barking, and then the moment of solitude I mean complete solitude. When things go quiet in the night.

Oh when we were younger and scorned in love. we always wanted the beautiful girl or handsome guy. Never to have it.

Unrequited love.

We  get older and by chance we find ourselves being welcomed by those that would have scorned us when we were young.

How flattering and oh how our emotions and egos feel for once in our lives – they feel good! it’s all so “written in the stars”  it just has to be!  Then years fly by and we realize love is important. What we felt was love, only bit at us again.

When oh when will be choose the right path. When will things give us what we really want. True love. Not love that is fleeting. Not love that is a lie masking itself as “YES this is the one!” Oh to wake up and find that we to still search.  We want  it so much we will see and take  anything as a sign. We want that kind of love so much we are blinded.


Native American “religion”

It isn’t hard to see the depth of native American spirituality just by looking at their handmade craft works.  Native American spirituality includes a strong reverence for animal life, the environment, and each other.

Native American spirituality is not the same as the religion of most people.  Organized religious meetings are not a part of native American spirituality.  History shows that originally, native American spirituality was more of a way of daily life.


One thing that is very perplexing about native American spirituality is that the reverential use of tobacco has been devastating to the Caucasian race.  Just as perplexing is the fact that alcohol consumption, even though not used in native American spirituality and stemming from the white man, has caused just as much havoc on native Americans.

Native American spirituality is not the same for every tribe.  Native American spirituality includes rituals that represent hunting and growing of earth’s produce, which was such a prevalent way of life for native Americans.  History shows that native American spirituality included many ceremonies and rituals that were practiced before, and even after hunting expeditions.  It was thought that native American spirituality in this way would insure continued success in hunting.

History shows that in general, the white man viewed native American spirituality to be nothing more than a bunch of superstitions and old wife tales.  Tribal leaders who practiced native American spirituality were sometimes subjected to a jail term of thirty years.  The United States and Canadian governments forcibly tried to change the way native American spirituality was practiced by converting them to their so called suitable religions.

History also shows that certain tribes had leaders called Shaman, who were responsible for overseeing native American spirituality.  History shows that native American spirituality held that spirits entered the Shaman’s body during ceremonies, and by beating drums and chanting, the process would be more successful.  Native American spirituality caused the tribes to believe that the Shaman could tell why a hunting expedition did not turn out successfully, or why sicknesses affected some in the camp.

Native American spirituality commonly employed beliefs that spirit creatures controlled the weather, hence the reason for the rain dance and other similar rituals.

History shows that part of some native American spirituality held that animals were originally humans, and they share the same ancestors.  Several differing beliefs exist in native American spirituality about life after death.

At reaching the age of puberty, young boys traveled outside the camp into the wilderness, where they could receive a vision of native American spirituality that would guide them as they finished reaching adulthood, and continuing on throughout life.  Females did not go through this type of native American spirituality.

The part of native American spirituality that was called the Sun dance was a religious ritual to pray for continual life, that of humans and the earth’s bounty.  The Sun dance also brought good health, friendship with other tribes, and thanked the Creator who oversaw native American spirituality.

The main feature of native American spirituality, no matter which tribe is the relationship of man with the land.


(Oh and Native American jewerly is quite remarkable and interesting to me. It always had flaws in it. )


FACING west, from California’s shores,
Inquiring, tireless, seeking what is yet unfound,
I, a child, very old, over waves, towards the house of maternity, the
land of migrations, look afar,
Look off the shores of my Western Sea—the circle almost circled;
For, starting westward from Hindustan, from the vales of Kashmere,
From Asia—from the north—from the God, the sage, and the hero,
From the south—from the flowery peninsulas, and the spice islands;
Long having wander’d since—round the earth having wander’d,
Now I face home again—very pleas’d and joyous;
(But where is what I started for, so long ago?

And why is it yet unfound?)



Old Souls

I was sitting outside my home today. It’s sunny outside and the leaves are turning.  Beautiful golden yellow leaves on this tall tree in my yard. The sunlight hits those leaves and it makes a yellow golden glow. I got lost in it. I felt my inner self start to yearn.  What was it doing? What was it trying to tell me.  How do you do the impossible? Nothing is impossible if you try.  I felt so small. How do you not get lost in the thousands of others?  You’re a nobody. If you share something that you feel with all you’re being,will they just write you off as crazy?  Do I really care?  Those leaves started to blur into just a glow. No definition. I was in the zone. Lost in my own thoughts. My mind talking to itself – me.    What would you have to offer it said.  What do you think would happen? Do you really think that as a little speck in the vast universe you could touch the lives of those you’ve touched in previous incarnations?  Why is this even important to you?

I came back to myself so to speak. I finished my ciggie and went inside my house.  I don’t know how it will happen, but I know and believe you can “call” things to you. I believe there is something inside of us that works to pull things into your path. I’ve been feeling this for many years. No matter what it looks like. No matter what odds are against me. I still feel deep inside myself that given the right timing and moment it will fall into place.

Here the song below

Old Souls
Our love is an old love baby
It’s older than all our years
I have seen in strange young eyes
Familiar tears
We’re old souls in a new life baby
They gave us a new life to live and learn
Some time to touch old friends
And still return

Our paths have crossed and parted
This love affair was started long long ago
This love survives the ages
In its story lives are pages
Fill them up
May ours turn slow

Our love is a strong love baby
We give it all and still receive
And so with empty arms we must still believe
All souls last forever
So we need never fear goodbye
A kiss when I must go…
No tears…
In time…
We kiss hello