Past Lives Exist

How do people have past lives?

That was a question that I asked myself for years. I was raised with a grandfather that was a preacher and well…. reincarnation didn’t exist. He didn’t believe in it, and the rest of my family didn’t either. When I was a little girl I thought you lived, you died, and you went to heaven. As I got older I realized that can’t be the truth.  Many people of the Christian faith would debate with me, but I see it simply. If God calls you home at a given point, why couldn’t he then send you back to fulfill another purpose? Perhaps your soul has what he needs to make a difference down “here”

I don’t follow one particular faith. I’m not atheist but I find a little truth in all religions. Religion can be dangerous. Judgemental and very scary.  I tend to keep my beliefs to myself. I have a very open mind and yes I’m very liberal. I don’t believe people should be shot down and judged for the way they are born, or any choices they make in life that deals with their own selves. That being said back to the point…

Einstein said that energy keeps moving. It never ceases and we as human are electrically charge, we are energy. After death I do believe we go on, and I believe that we can be born again. Many times, once again, whichever. Who is to say how many times a soul will walk the earth.  I’ve seen dead people – ghosts, spirits that have passed on and I’ve been visited by them. I don’t care how crazy that makes me sound, it’s happened.  I use to see recalling my past lives as a punishment. I’ve come to see it as being blessed. To have the amount of recall that I do is priceless to me. It’s helped me to understand more about myself and other people.


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